The current flurry of wildfires across California and the West Coast is highlighting the need to combat climate change. Now, more than ever, we need all our elected representatives to prioritize climate solutions, and environmentally and socially just policies. These include: replacing fossil fuels with clean energy; creating resilient, healthy communities with affordable, energy efficient housing; promoting walkable and bikeable neighborhoods; and pushing for a just transition to good green jobs.  

Many voters want to help elect climate-friendly candidates, but have found it difficult to identify the true allies of a livable environment. Too many candidates say nice things about the environment during their campaigns, then sell out to fossil fuel interests and heedless development once they’re in office. 

To help change this, we at 350 Bay Area Action did our first ever endorsements for political offices across the Bay Area. Our Electoral Committee looked at the accomplishments in office, educational and work histories, and policy positions of candidates in selected races. We also used responses to a survey we sent out and the forward-looking commitments of these current and aspiring officeholders. 

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The Results are in …

We won 7 City Council Seats! 

Brentwood City Council
District 1:

Jovita Mendoza


About Jovita ...

Jovita is fighting for the health and well-being of Brentwood’s residents. As a leader of No Drilling in Brentwood she has demonstrated tremendous skill by organizing Brentwood’s citizens to stand up and be heard.

Reading the documents, educating residents, and organizing everyone, Jovita was a lead in forcing Contra Costa County to pause the drilling project, listen to residents, and actually do their job with a real Environmental Impact Report (in progress).

She was vocal in her support for Contra Costa County to declare a climate emergency, opening opportunities for community engagement on the climate crisis and putting a just transition front-and-center.

Oakland City Council
District 1:

Dan Kalb


From Dan ...
As a long-time environmental justice & climate solutions advocate, and past Union of Concerned Scientists policy director, I’m proud of my climate and clean energy leadership. 
I helped pass strong statewide greenhouse gas reduction and renewable energy requirements; as an Oakland Councilmember, I led Council efforts to ban the storage/handling of Coal, divest City holdings from fossil fuel companies, and adopt a far-reaching Equitable Climate Action Plan. 
Priorities include implementing our climate action plan with an eye toward equity, enacting legislation to require all-electric buildings, and reducing VMTs through better environmentally-oriented planning.

Walnut Creek City Council
At Large:

Cindy Darling


From Cindy ...

I have a long track record of public service, environmental advocacy, and community leadership. I have fought for Walnut Creek from protecting open space and revitalizing downtown as Chair of the Walnut Creek Planning Commission, to protecting our Bay and wetlands as Oversight Chair of the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority.

I want to help Walnut Creek continue to lead on climate change. Our city must continue to bend the curve towards sustainability for our children’s future.

Walnut Creek City Council
At Large:

Kevin Wilk


From Kevin ...

During my first term on Walnut Creek City Council, I led the council in adopting 100% clean energy power for ALL city owned buildings. I also led the city in updating our Climate Action Plan for 2030, and making it one of the city’s top 4 priorities.

My seat on the County Connection transit system led to an approval for the 2nd all-electric bus route within the city. I currently sit on the League of California Cities Environmental Quality Policy Committee, helping guide legislation for reducing waste and increasing ways to combat climate change.

Petaluma City Council
At Large:

Brian Barnacle


About Brian ...

By a green mile, Brian had more experience in clean energy than any other Petaluma candidate.

Brian’s work has zeroed in on clean energy, including energy efficiency, solar, battery storage, electric vehicles, and microgrids. Brian has forged partnerships among public agencies, community groups, and private companies to help bring good ideas to life.

Brian advocates for:

  • Adopting a fossil fuel purchasing moratorium
  • Creating opportunities for Petaluma youth to become climate leaders
  • Affordable mixed-use development
  • Ensuring that development projects reduce vehicle miles traveled

Petaluma City Council
At Large:

Dennis Pocekay


From Dennis ...

Dennis Pocekay, a retired Environmental Medicine physician, will focus on fully funding our Climate Action Commission, because climate and climate justice should impact EVERY Council decision.

Dennis will be a leader in banning natural gas, reducing power consumption, subsidizing clean power, stopping building in environmentally sensitive areas, and getting gas-powered vehicles off the roads.

Richmond City Council
District 5:

Gayle McLaughlin


From Gayle ...

Richmond is home to the Chevron Richmond Refinery, which is the largest point source of ghg emissions in California. When I was mayor, we made great gains by standing up to Chevron and limiting their pollution.

My priorities include developing a Richmond Green New Deal by expanding our green job training program, ending Chevron’s pollution and expanding environmental and climate action policies.

In addition to Bay Area endorsements, at a national level, we launched our campaign to help get out the vote in swing states: Go Green. Vote Blue. Learn more. Let’s get ready for 2022!


Our Electoral COmmitte: Seeking Climate CHampions!

We endorse only candidates who:

Pledge NOT to take contributions from oil, gas, and coal industry executives, lobbyists, and PACs

and have a record of support for:

Fast and just transition to 100% clean energy and fuels

No new fossil fuel projects/infrastructure,
and phase out existing uses of fossil fuels

Climate equity for those hardest hit by the climate crisis

Our 2020 Electoral Committee