Lots of legislative action this week–and not all of it had to do with the Cap and Trade bill (AB 398-which 350 BA is opposing).

Brief bill report-
– SB 150 passed
– AB179 (see note below) passed
– SB 49,50,51 passed New tracker is Nora.
****SB 100 passed Assembly Utilities and Energy Committee today (Wednesday, July 12) and is up for a second hearing tomorrow (Thursday, July 13) in Assembly Natural Resources (NR) Committee
– AB 262 (Buy Clean Calif) passed last week

AB 17, AB 20 – not sure of their status.

Bills on hold or being carried over:

– SB 71 and SB 700 both by Scott Wiener (SF) were made two year bills and will come up again in Jan, 2018
– SB 692 – disappeared from agenda–was it also made a 2 year bill?
– SB 57 (extends moratorium on gas injection at Aliso Canyon) ON HOLD -new bill tracker Carol from SF
– SB 775 (alternative cap and  trade/carbon tax bill – being held-probably until AB 398 is decided-some say it is dead, others not so sure)

AB 398 – this is the cap and trade extension bill being pushed by the oil industry, some other corporate interests, the Governor and now much of the legislative leadership and a few environmental groups. We are opposing this bill. It is up for a committee hearing and vote tomorrow (in Sen Env Quality Committee) and then a senate floor vote on Monday, July 17. Check info on all these bills at leg info website.  If you can go to Sacramento on short notice Thursday, July 13 that would be great. We have a few folks going up there (thanks Lynn for driving again!), but we don’t have energy or time to organize car pools!

If you are on Slack you can see a little more detail on these bills (although we are dependent on our bill trackers to help us keep the bills up to date). If you would like to get more involved in our legislative work let me know.

Welcome to new Leg Cmt members Nora, Carol, and Roger (who brought his 12 year old son Jason to the hearings today).  And Paul too.

I may have missed a few bills – this is a quick update during a pretty crazy wild week.

Thanks !

Co-chair, 350 Bay Area Legislative Cmt.