Senator Lorena Gonzalez described the last week in May as “#AppropsHell”.  Just before the long Memorial Day weekend and the final deadlines for bills to move out of their house of origin, Assembly and Senate appropriation committees were faced with deciding the fate of more than 800 bills.

Here’s what happened to the bills that the Legislative Committee has been following: (for full bill descriptions, see the Bills page).

  1. *AB 17 Transit passes for students –  Passed. Referred to Senate.
  2. AB 79 (oppose) Electrical generation – Undermines community choice. Expected to pass Assembly. Ken will write letter for Senate. Passed. Referred to Senate.
  3. AB 179 Environmental Justice representative on California Transportation Commission. Passed. Referred to Senate. 
  4. *AB 262 Buy Clean (building materials must comply with maximum GHG emissions threshhold). Passed. Referred to Senate.
  5. AB 805 SANDAG reorganization (San Diego). Passed. Referred to Senate.
  6. *AB 378 Caps on pollutants. Was amended, but failed in Assembly.
  7. SB 49, SB 50, SB 51. Trump pushback. Passed. Referred to Assembly.
  8. *SB 57 Find root cause of leak at Aliso Canyon.  Still in Senate. Reconsideration granted.
  9. SB 71 Electricity: solar energy. Passed. Referred to Assembly. Held at desk.
  10. *SB 100 100% green electricity by 2045. Amendments removed “biogas” from the bill. Passed. Referred to Assembly. Held at desk.
  11. *SB 150 Regional transportation plans – heard in Approps on May 22; on suspense. Passed. Referred to Assembly. Held at desk.
  12. SB 263 Climate assistance centers. Held in committee in Senate. 
  13. *SB 560 Public pension funds climate risk. Held in committee in Senate. 
  14. SB 618 (oppose) Load serving entities – passed Senate 36 to 0. Ken will rewrite letter. Referred to Appropriations; currently in Natural Resources and Utilities and Energy Committee.
  15. SB 692 Transmission access charges – weakened by amendments, passed Senate. Ken will write new letter for Assembly.  In Assembly, in Utilities and Energy Committees.
  16. SB 700 energy storage. Passed. Referred to Assembly. In Assembly, held at desk.
  17. *SB 775 New Cap and Trade Program – Held in Senate.
  18. SB 709 Oil spill response – Held in Senate.