Dan Monte is endorsed by 350 Bay Area Action for California’s State Assembly District 10

October 2018 – 350 Bay Area Action proudly endorses Dan Monte for Assembly District 10. Dan recognizes climate change as the most urgent issue of our time and is committed to fighting for bold climate action, such as a ban on fracking, a halt on all new oil and gas development, and a tax on carbon. With the new report out from Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, it could not be more clear that we must do all within our power to immediately and dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and begin a just and equitable transition to 100% renewable energy and a decarbonized economy. Dan Monte is the only candidate in the race for Assembly District 10 who has pledged never to take money from the fossil fuel industry, choosing instead to prioritize the health of our communities, our democracy, and our planet.

Dan is fighting for a bold progressive agenda that works for all Californians. He believes that healthcare is a human right and supports guaranteed healthcare for all through a single-payer system. He understands that public education is a public good and therefore must be fully and fairly funded, including tuition-free college. He knows there is a housing crisis in California and would work for affordable housing and rent control. And critically, Dan would fight to end the corrupting influence of big money in politics by pushing for publicly funded elections, not pay-to-play elections.

Dan will be free to work for the people and the planet because—unlike his opponent—he has pledged not to take corporate money. He is running a remarkable people-powered campaign that we are excited to endorse. We hope that you join us in supporting Dan Monte for State Assembly.