We are rating and endorsing candidates on their climate change and environmental commitments, locally and statewide.

Do you want to help elect climate champions in the Bay Area?

When election time comes, will you know which of your city council candidates prioritize clean energy in homes and buildings? Whether your Board of Supervisors incumbent has been an effective advocate for public transit? If the challenger to your state Assemblyperson will actually vote to ban new oil drilling?

The Electoral Committee of 350 Bay Area Action will be evaluating state and local candidates for their positions on critical climate policies and issues. We will be sharing this information widely to help voters fill out their state and local ballots in 2020.

We will assess candidates against one non-negotiable requirement and three fundamental principles:

We support only candidates who pledge not to take contributions from oil, gas, and coal industry executives, lobbyists, and PACs.

We endorse candidates with a record of support for:

  1.   Fast and just transition to 100% clean energy and fuels
  2.   No new fossil fuel projects/infrastructure, and phase out existing uses of fossil fuels
  3.   Climate equity for those hardest hit by the climate crisis

We’ll ask candidates to fill out our survey; we’ll do research on past votes and positions; and we’ll talk to candidates and their campaigns. We’ll find out: What has the candidate done in the past? What commitments are they willing to make, as part of their current campaigns? And how likely are they to serve as environmental leaders in the future? 

We’ll share the results widely through social media, conventional media, at forums and town halls, at meetings, and at rallies. Our goal is to help Bay Area voters get the information they need to vote for the strongest climate champions. 

We had our public launch on March 4th, the day after the California primaries. See our press release 

Let’s meet! We gather every fourth Saturday of the month, from 10am-12pm, at the Sierra Club Bay Chapter office in Berkeley, on San Pablo Ave. Our next meeting is Saturday, March 28th.

For more information, and to RSVP for the next monthly meeting, click here. If you are new to the Electoral Committee and need an orientation, or if the RSVP link gives you trouble, please email: info [at] 350bayareaaction [dot] org.