State Legislators came back to work on Jan 6 and the session is off to a fast pace.
2020 is the year we must kick off a decade of stronger, faster climate solutions for California.

The 350 Bay Area Action Legislative Committee had a busy, successful January—AB 345 passed
the Assembly, and is on to the Senate.

AB 345 – This climate justice bill focuses on unjust health problems from oil & gas
operations located near schools, homes, health facilities, primarily located in Kern and LA
counties near low-income communities. This bill requires the state Natural Resources Agency to
create an environmental justice program to ensure meaningful participation by community
groups in rulemaking. They must also adopt regulations by July 2022 to protect public health
and safety near oil and gas extraction facilities, including considering a minimum setback
distance of 2,500 feet from facilities where children are present

ACTION! Working with our environmental justice partners, we pushed Assembly Members to
pass AB 345, we met with lawmakers (or their staff) to explain the importance of this bill and to
let them know that constituents want them to support AB 345. It’s been too long waiting for
these protections, and we must stand up to the oil drillers.

We sent messages to swing districts for people to send letters, postcards, and make calls to
their Assembly Members. (Thanks if you took action!) This critical bill now moves to the state
Senate where we will continue mobilizing for its passage. The oil industry is fighting hard to
stop this bill—look for messages from us for you to reach out to your Senator.

Two other priority bills are still in play to ban single use plastics (AB 1080 and SB 54). These
almost passed last year, but were blocked from a final vote in the last hours. We can’t let the
American Plastics Manufacturers, Chamber of Commerce, Oil interests and Businesses stop Ca’s
progress to move beyond plastics. Get ready to take action when these bills come up for a

Stay Tuned!
All new bills for 2020 must be submitted by Feb 21. Then our all-volunteer Legislative
Committee will get busy studying important climate bills, talking to our partners and legislators
and start lining up the most important bills to work on.

We have 3 Bill Action Teams (Eliminate Fossil Fuels, Clean Transportation, Clean Energy) and an
incredible group of volunteers around the Bay working with us. In fact, just last weekend we
trained 20 new legislative team volunteers.

We have TEN YEARS of hard work to keep California on track to (help the world) stay below 1.5
C. Together we can and must make move Ca’s climate policies, climate funding and climate
actions into higher gear. With YOU we can.

Thanks for all you are doing to help pass critical climate justice legislation in California and
more! Next month we’ll be telling you about our exciting new ELECTORAL COMMITTEE and
how they are getting ready for the elections!

Kathy and Clair
Legislative Cmt Co-Chairs
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