Tuesday August 27, volunteers from 350 Bay Area Action joined powerful environmental allies in Sacramento for Green California Advocacy Day. This was a day where activists and leaders worked together to advocate for bills that will protect our natural resources and the health of people and place. As a delegate of 350BAA, I joined four environmental stewards representing The Nature Conservancy, Azul, the Friends Committee on Legislation in California, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the National Stewardship Action Council. Together we spoke with Assemblymembers Burke, Gabriel, and Limon and Senator Dodd to highlight our environmental priorities in this legislative cycle—to fight against single-use plastics (SB 54 and AB 1080) and require smog checks on diesel trucks (SB 210).

Though not all the representatives gave us a clear answer on their support of these bills, our presence in their offices allowed us, as their constituents, to remind them of the important steps we need to take to preserve the environment and fight against climate change. The day also served as a reminder that we all need to continue to call our Senators and Assemblymembers and let them know what’s important to us! (see 350BAA Toolkit for Action)