The state Legislature is off to a big start on climate bills and not a moment too soon for the climate emergency we face. We’re already in a drought and likely headed into another devastating wildfire season–all while struggling to recover from the unequal impacts of COVID across the state.

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Bills are being heard in Sacramento beginning this week! Proposed legislation must pass in assigned policy committees, then move to Appropriations (looking at budget impact), and next go to the floor for a final vote in the Assembly or Senate by June 4. Some bills die along the way or become a ”2-year bill” to be brought up again in 2022Approved bills then cross-over to the other house to repeat the same process over the summer – leading to a marathon at the end of the session –Sept 10– to pass bills we prioritize. 

What does our Legislative Committee do?  

Our amazing volunteers are divided into 5 teams: Clean EnergyEliminate Fossil FuelTransportation and Land Use Action Teams, a growing Communications Team, and a new Federal Climate Action Team. Through these teams we:

  • Identify, analyze and work on key state bills that promote, accelerate and fund climate actions that move CA’s efforts to reduce GHG emissions and push clean solutions. 
  • Meet with and lobby our state assembly members and senators across 7 counties. 
  • Work in coalitions and educate as many as we can on how to take effective action. Over a dozen 350BAA volunteers participated in a CLIMATE LOBBY DAY on March 1, holding online meetings with legislators to promote WIND and SOLAR energy and FUNDING for clean transportation!  

What can you do?

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Our lawmakers need to hear from constituents about the climate bills they support (or oppose). We hope we can count on you in these efforts coming up this spring and summer:

  • Watch for these emails! 350BAA Leg team will send no more than one “action blast” email a month with actions that are IMPACTFUL and EASY TO DO.
  • Take action on our key bills by responding to email blasts to write letters or make calls (or other actions).
  • Join our team of wonderful volunteers by filling out this form.

Together we are powerful! 


SB467 – End Fracking and Harmful Drilling Act

Oil Pumpjack

To curb climate change by cutting greenhouse gas emissions 40% by 2030, California must wean itself from fossil fuels,beginning now! That’s why Senate Bill 467 sits atop our state legislative agenda for 2021.

If passed, SB467 would:

  • Halt all new and renewed permits for fracking and other risky oil and gas production techniques in California in 2022, and end them entirely by 2027. 
  • Renew an effort to require a 2,500-foot buffer zone between oil and gas operations and homes, schools, healthcare facilities and long-term care institutions. This setback is a TOP Environmental Justice goal in the state.
  • Direct CalGEM, which oversees oil drilling in California, to identify oil and gas workers who lose their jobs as a result of the legislation and offer incentives to oil- and gas-well remediation companies to hire those workers.      

SB467 addresses a critical combination of climate, public health and environmental justice issues in California. Our state is the nation’s 7th largest oil producer. More than 2 million Californians live within one mile of an active oil or gas well. A majority are low income, people of color. They bear the brunt of the methane leaks, toxic pollution and increased health risks caused by drilling operations near active and abandoned wells.

Passing SB467 is going to be a huge battle (oil companies are spending big bucks to fight it), and we’re going to need your help.

Take Action Now!

Just write a short Letter to the Editor of your local paper in support of SB467 with this easy-to-use template. 

Thank you for all you are doing for people and the planet! 

In Solidarity and Action,

Kathy, Dean and Clair for the Legislative Team