350 Bay Area Action is calling for a NO vote on California’s Proposition 6

350 Bay Area is joining with hundreds  of other environmental, labor, social justice and public interest groups to urge a No vote on Proposition 6. Organizations like ours and the Environmental Health Coalition, CA League of Conservation Voters, Nature Conservancy, and the Sierra Club of California oppose the proposition because it eliminates funding for transit, pedestrian and bicycle projects. This puts more than 450 public transit projects at risk, projects already started that would expand light rail and bus service in underserved areas. Programs to support safe bike paths and pedestrian infrastructure would be eliminated. Yet, if California is to meet its climate goals, we must expand our public and active transit options.

These active transportation projects improve air quality, promote public health, help to meet our climate goals, and reduce congestion, all of which  would be undermined by Proposition 6.

Proposition 6 is a public safety hazard, eliminating funding for bridges and road improvements. California needs the funds to improve structural deficiencies in over 1,600 bridges and overpasses that are rated as in poor or at-risk condition, that need to be upgraded to meet earthquake safety standards.

Supporters of Prop 6 are attempting to repeal the gas tax increase passed  by a two-thirds vote in 2017: California Senate Bill 1. SB 1 provided an increase in revenue in line with the level it was in 1994, the last time the gas taxes were increased. This additional revenue is urgently needed in California to address a significant backlog in road and bridge improvements, and in public transit maintenance and expansion. Many of these projects are needed to ensure safety on our roads. Conservative and Republican groups are lining up with the “no taxes for anything” crowd to use Prop 6 as way to get them to the polls in the next election. In the process, they are ensuring more accidents, more pollution, and worse climate change.

Join 350 Bay Area Action in voting No on Proposition 6.