On September 10, 2018, Governor Brown signed Senator Kevin De Leon’s historic SB 100 into law. The 100 Percent Clean Energy Act of 2018 puts California directly on the path to 100% clean energy by 2045.  This has been our top priority climate/clean energy bill since the spring of 2017, and we have put a lot of volunteer effort into working for its passage. We want to thank all of you who filled out a postcard, wrote a letter or email, made phone calls, tweeted and especially those of you who went on one of our many delegations to our Assembly members offices in the last 6 months. All Assembly members in the Bay Area voted YES for this bill and we’ve talked with ALL of them!

The SB 100 campaign has demonstrated the enormous value of working together from the smallest grassroots action to walking the halls of the Capitol in Sacramento—even when you are greatly OUTSPENT.  You can see the groups that worked hard to pass SB 100 at ca100.org/supporters/. We want to salute Senator De Leon as author and champion for this transformative bill. SB 100 will help speed our transition to a new clean energy system, while moving rapidly away from fossil fuels, and ensuring access for ALL Californians. And, yes, we’ll share this powerful idea with others around the US and the world.

* *And if we have anything to do with it, this will happen BEFORE 2045.

Photo: The Associated Press