Governor Newsom Recall Election: Sept 1, 2021 / Mail-in Ballots Start: Aug 16, 2021

350 Bay Area Action, the Sierra Club, and other major environmental organizations are strongly opposed to the recall of Governor Newsom. As environmentalists, we must understand that this attack on California governance is REAL. It is part of an orchestrated attempt by Republicans across the US to undo everything we have been fighting for — in climate change, environmental justice, and many other issues facing Californians — and even to undermine democracy itself. 

Who is behind the Republican recall? 

  • The campaign is funded by some of ex-President Trump’s biggest supporters, with a whopping $32.5 million currently spent to date — twice as much as the Newsom effort to stop it the recall. 
  • Recall supporters include land developers, fossil fuel companies, anti-immigrant organizations, and others. 
  • According to the LA Times, this campaign includes “peddlers of Q-Anon doomsday conspiracies, ‘patriots” readying for battle, and one organization allied with the far-right extremist group, the Proud Boys.”  

We Cannot Afford to Sit Out the Recall Election

“All around the country, Republicans are working hard to stop any effort to hold corporations accountable, and to address environmental devastation, particularly the kinds of systemic changes required to stop our fast slide towards an unlivable climate. The Newsom recall election is part of that effort, and we must show up and stand up against these cynical campaigns, not just in this election, but in every election.” Laura Neish, Executive Director of 350 Bay Area Action (or someone else from 350 BAA)

California is a BLUE state. Yet, recent polling shows that nearly 90% of Republican voters “expressed a high level of interest” in the election, versus only 58% of Democrats and 53% of Independents. The Republicans’ strategy is to hope Democrats and Independents do not vote. 

Understanding the Ballot: From Indivisible SF:

You will be asked to vote on two questions: 

  1. Should Gov. Newsom be recalled (fired)? If more than half of voters vote yes on question #1, Newsom is recalled, and whichever challenger wins the most votes becomes the next Governor. 
  2. If Gov. Newsom is recalled, who should replace him? Gov. Newsom isn’t actually listed as a candidate. With dozens of candidates on the ballot, Newsome could be replaced by a challenger who gets 25% or less of the votes cast. 

If you want Gavin Newsom to remain Governor of California, vote NO on question 1. Leave question 2 blank if you don’t want to vote for any of the challengers!

What You Can Do 

  • Commit to vote
  • Vote early
  • Get four friends to commit to vote, and to each call four of their friends
  • Spread the word: share this blog with friends and on social media

Let’s not sleep through this election — we have too much at stake!  

– Becki and Floyd for the team