350 Bay Area Action Legislative Committee: working for progressive climate legislation in California

The Legislative Committee of 350 Bay Area Action works on state climate, clean energy, and climate justice legislation through public education and advocacy at the district level and in Sacramento. We study, track, and recommend positions, direct outreach to legislators at their Sacramento or local offices, testify at committee hearings, and work with other environmental, social justice, and progressive groups to promote strong climate legislation.

The Latest

SB 210 Will Reduce Smog from Diesel Trucks

California has a plethora of regulations on emissions of heavy-duty trucks, which move goods all over California. Yet there is no comprehensive smog check certification for heavy-duty trucks, which means that many trucks are on the road that are spewing illegal toxic...

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The War on Plastic: Our Toxic Best Friend (SB 54 / AB 1080)

Our pervasive plastic pollution problem is reflected in the sad story of a dead whale with a stomach full of plastic; we now have more plastic than fish in our oceans. Last October, the first study was published finding microplastics in human stool. Plastics are...

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Support AB 342

The Trump Administration seems to have made environmental destruction a centerpiece of its agenda, in open rebellion against the scientific consensus on the dangers of climate change, to please its allies in the oil, gas, and mining industries. On May 9, 2019, for...

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350 Bay Area Action’s Legislative List

[Bills are subject to amendments so these short descriptions may not always reflect the latest changes]

Bills we support – Priority 1

Support! AB 342 (Muratsuchi) – Oil and gas leasing restrictions on protected lands

Prohibits development of infrastructure on state lands that would support transport of oil or gas from protected, or formerly protected federal lands. Covers tidal lands, tribal lands, and lands which the Trump administration has removed from protected status. Passed Assembly.  Referred to Senate Committee on Appropriations.  Passed and referred to Senate Floor for Vote which will not occur until sometime after August 15th.





In Senate

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Support! SB 54 (Allen) / AB 1080 (Gonzalez) – California Circular Economy and Plastic Pollution Reduction Act

Requires plastic and other single-use materials be reusable, fully recyclable or compostable by 2030; would also require CA to recycle or otherwise divert from landfills 75% of single-use plastics (from 44% of all solid waste diverted as of 2017). AB 1080  passed Assembly now in Senate and referred to Senate Environmental Quality Committee for Hearing on July 3rd. After amendments it passed 5-0-2 and was referred to Appropriations.  SB 54 was referred tp Assembly Natural Resources and was heard on 7/8. With some amendments it passed 7 – 3 – 1 and was referred to Appropriations where it will be heard sometime after August 15th.




SB 54 Passed Senate and was referred to Assembly Committee on Natural Resources for a hearing on July 8th.


SB 54 In Assembly

[amended and moved to its second house for review again]Full Text
Support! SB 210 (Leyva) – Smog checks for heavy duty vehicles

Imposes smog check requirements for heavy-duty diesel trucks in California (unlike personal vehicles, current law does not require heavy-duty vehicles to have the same types of smog checks that have been required for passenger cars for decades).Imposes smog check requirements for heavy-duty diesel trucks in California (unlike personal vehicles, current law does not require heavy-duty vehicles to have the same types of smog checks that have been required for passenger cars for decades). (This bill has been amended/weakened to be a pilot program)  Passed Senate. Referred to Assembly Committees on Transportation and Natural Resources.  Passed Committee on Transportation on 7/1 (12-2-1). Hearing in Natural Resources on 7/8. Passed there 8-3 with only Republicans voting against. Referred to Appropriations and will be heard there after August 15th.




Moved to Assembly

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Bills we support – Priority 2

Support! SB 1 (Atkins) - CA Environmental, Public Health, and Workers Defense Act of 2019

Makes current federal clean air, climate, clean water, worker safety, and endangered species standards enforceable under state law, even if the federal government rolls back and weakens those standards. Passed Senate. Passed all policy Committees on the Assemble side as of 7/9.  Referred to Appropriations Committee and will be hear sometime after August 15th





In Assembly

[amended and moved to its second house for review again] Full Text
Support! SB 127 (Wiener)- Cal Trans Bike and Pedestrian planning, complete streets

Requires Cal Trans to incorporate bike and walking needs into certain kinds of upgrade and maintenance projects on state highways that run through specified urban areas. This bill would also require certain expenditures (SHOPP) to improve biking and walking access and facilities in areas covered by this bill. Passed Senate. Referred to Assembly Committee on Transportation where Committee Chair challenged the author and forced amendment, but allowed ti to pass.  Referred to Appropriations Committee where it will be heard sometime after August 12th.





Moved to Assembly

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Support! SB 336 (Dodd) Operators for Autonomous Vehicles

Requires a transit operator to ensure each of its fully-automated transit vehicles, as defined, to be staffed by at least one of its employees, who has had specified training, while the vehicle is in service. (NEW BILL FOR US- PASSED SENATE 5/9) Author cancelled first hearing in Assembly Transportation Committee on 7/1 so the bill will not go forward this year.





Moved to Assembly

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Support! AB 857 (Chiu) – Public banks

Allows local governments to charter local public banks, in partnership with “existing local financial institutions” so as to increase the lending capacity of the local banking system. Referred to Senate Government and Finance. Hearing set for July 3rd.  After amendment that did not damage the bill, It passed 4-3 on a party line vote. On to Appropriations Committee where it will be heard sometime after August 12th.




In Senate

Full text Letter of Support
Support! AB 936 (Rivas) Tar Sands Oil Spill and Liability bill

Requires shipping entities to develop additional oil spill response plans for tar sands (non-floating crude oil) and requires additional liability for companies doing this shipping. Passed Assembly.  Referred to Senate Environmental Quality Committee for Hearing on 7/3. Also referred to Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee. Passed both Committees easily and referred to Appropriations Committee to be heard sometime after August 12th.


In Senate

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Support! AB 1046 (Ting) Charge Ahead California

Revises the state’s current EV rebate program and puts goal of 5 million EVs into statute.  Passed Assembly. Referred to Senate Environmental Quality Committee.  Hearing on 7/3. Amended. Passed 5-2 on a party line vote.  Also referred to Senate Transportation Committee.  Hearing on July 9th. After amendments was passed on a party line vote 9-4 and referred on to Appropriations to be heard sometime after August 12th.


In Senate

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Bills we oppose

[due to negative effects on our local clean energy programs]
OPPOSE! AB 56 (Garcia) – Central Energy Procurement

This bill would create a new statewide central energy procurement entity which could undercut the work of our locally controlled Community Choice Energy (CCA) programs which have been growing rapidly. The CPUC is already looking at this issue and we still OPPOSE this bill despite recent amendments limiting the ways to procure energy, Still moves further away from the advanced energy economy we need in California to meet our aggressive energy goals.
Passed Assembly; Referred to Senate Energy, Utilities and Communication Committee. This bill was defeated by not getting enough Yes votes to have it move forward in this Committee on 7/10.  The vote was 5 Yes (Sen Dodd was one), 3 No (Sen Hill in the Bay Area was one) and with 5 Not Voting (as good as a No – In Bay Area, Sens. Skinner, Wiener and McGuire were among them)  It is dead.  Would need to start all over next year.  This is a win.  We were among many who pushed fir this  result.  It is an idea that will surface again, maybe soon, so don’t celebrate long.

In Senate

Full TextLetter of opposition
OPPOSE! AB 1584 (Quirk): Electricity: Cost Allocation

Focuses on costs that should be determined and charged to any load-serving entity (LSE) that might be unable to purchase enough energy to meet their integrated resource plans ,  Reasons for failure might be that municipal utilities have not bought enough, or IOU’s have not shared what they overbought or the CPUC failed to tell them in time. By highlightling the issue, this bill implies Community Choice energy programs that are starting up may fail and saying that they should have costs applied to them as penalties.  Unnecessary as current rule-making in CPUC is dealing with the issues the bill is saying the CPUC should deal with. Passed Assembly. Referred to Senate Energy and Utilities Committee – On 7/2 it passed this committee 11-0-2 and was referred to Senate Appropriations Committee to heard after August 15th.  Author said he was open to amendments.


Full TextLetter of opposition
Oppose, unless amended - SB 155 (Bradford) - Renewable Procurement Plans and Resource Adequacy

This bill makes specified requirements concerning the Renewable Portfolio Standards in the Integrated Resource Plans for energy procurement by load-serving entities (LSEs), including community choice aggregators (CCAs), within the jurisdiction of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). Passed Senate; Referred to Assembly Natural Resources Committee; Hearing held on 7/8. Author agreed to amendment suggested by Chair before hearing though no one had seen it that was there to oppose the bill so all said they appreciate the amendment and will look at it, but them it passed 12-0, moving on to Appropriations.

In Assembly

Full TextLetter of opposition
OPPOSE! SB 350 (Hertzberg) - Resource Adequacy and Reliability

This bill authorizes the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to consider changes within the resource adequacy (RA) program, including the use of a multiyear centralized resource adequacy mechanism like a central buying authority.. Focuses on Direct Access (commercial) customers but has substantial impact on Community Choice Energy programs.  Passed Senate; Referred to Assembly Energy and Utilities Committee. Just before Hearing on 7/10, author pulled the bill, not allowing it to move forward this year, stating it was because AB 56 failed. Another win for Community Choice and all of us!  We had sent our letter of Opposition to Staff of all Assemblymembers and Committee staff when it was, along with many groups’ letters, left off the Bill Analysis.

In Assembly

Full Text Letter of opposition
Oppose, Unless Amended - SB 774 (Stern) Electricity: microgrids

Sets up a process for renewable distributed energy resources, like microgrids, to be used for resilient energy for critical needs in areas that are vulnerable to wildfire. As written on 7/1, gives too much control to investor-owned utilities. – Passed Senate. Referred to Assembly Energy and Utility Committee. Hearing set for 7/10 . On 7/5 author postponed the hearing for his bill meaning that it is unlikely to go forward this year. We support DER and microgrids but only with the “choice” to have Communities and Community Choice Energy programs to have some control, ownership, and get the benefits of them.

In Assembly

Full Text Letter of opposition

Letters to the Legislature


Legislative Committee activities include:

  • Legislative training: how to track legislation and prepare for meetings with legislators
  • Analyzing and tracking bills for action
  • Writing fact sheets, blogs and social media to inform and activate supporters
  • Meetings with legislators
  • Letter writing, calling and lobbying
  • Attending meetings and hearings in Sacramento
  • Working with other groups on legislative campaigns
  • Following state rule making and regulatory actions once bills are passed (e.g. Air Resources Board)

2019 CA Legislative Agenda: Support the Green New Deal!

The bills we seek to support during the 2019 CA legislative session are in close alignment with the longer-term vision laid out in H.Res.109 of the 116th Congress (2019-2020) — Recognizing the duty of the Federal Government to create a Green New Deal

Green New Deal Resolution