Electoral Accountability Committee


We shine the spotlight on those who are
leading and those who aspire to lead.

We hold our federal, state, and local elected officials accountable by endorsing and working for candidates who are true climate champions. Between elections, we monitor the actions of the people who represent us on Bay Area city councils, county boards of supervisors, and in Sacramento. 

The impact of our work is multiplied by the fact that the Bay Area, California, and the US are seen as leaders on climate, enacting laws and setting standards that others either adopt directly, or seek to match or exceed in their own laws, regulations, and actions.

Our Priorities / Key Campaigns

Endorsing & Electing Climate Champions

We interview candidates, research votes on key issues, and find out who funds campaigns

Get out the vote

Phonebanking, textbanking, and door knocking for green candidates!

Electoral Accountability

Monitoring and reporting on the climate votes and climate leadership of city council and supervisorial elected leaders between elections

How the Electoral Accountability Committee Works

Why we do this

The key is electing the right people – then staying on the case to make sure they continue to show up as the right people, from one election to the next.

To get, and keep, the right people in office, we work with:

Our Congressional representatives, who can make or break essential climate action at the federal level

Our representatives to the state Legislature, who decide how to spend billions of dollars which will determine if California meets its climate targets.

Our local elected officials, who develop policies and vote on crucial decisions about land use, housing development, switching to green transportation, getting natural gas out of buildings and more.

Representatives to regional regulatory agencies like the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD), whose decisions in crucial climate areas like transportation and air quality impact our entire Bay Area region.

Elected officials serve as the “farm team” for the next level of government and appointed positions. Electing the right city councilperson or Board of Supervisors member today, can have an impact for many years.

How we do this

Our work is simple, arduous, fun and, when we can help make the right things happen, very exciting.

Here are core actions we take:

If candidates want to do the right thing but lack information about what is possible, we provide them with tool kits and models of how others have taken bold steps on climate.

Once in office, when they take risky votes, we highlight their leadership and have their backs.

When they cave in, under pressure from real estate, fossil fuel, or other interests, or when they buckle under the pressure of recall attempts, lawsuits, or ballot measures funded by special interests, we call them out.

The Ultimate Accountability – Elections

When elected officials consistently fall short, we employ the final actions of accountability – endorsements and voter education – to replace them with real leaders on climate.

We work with allies and partners to organize climate activists as campaign volunteers for our endorsed candidates.

We make sure climate activists, other elected officials, staff members, journalists, and California voters know who their climate champions are, and who is failing the test.

It’s all done by volunteers

Our group runs very lean, powered almost entirely by volunteers. We deliver training and support to help concerned Bay Area residents become skilled and effective electoral accountability activists.

Does this sound like you? Join us!

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