Legislative Committee


350 Bay Area Action’s Legislative Committee is a dynamic team of volunteers working to pass state legislation that reduces emissions, finally starts to eliminate fossil fuels, and protects people and communities. We train and equip the team to dive deep into the issues, to educate and lobby our elected officials, and even to testify at committee hearings. We work in close partnerships with other social and environmental justice groups to directly address the climate crisis. And we have fun doing it!

How we work

Our dedicated Bill Policy Committee, a group of Legislative Team leaders and policy experts, review bills when they are introduced in either house of the California Legislature (Assembly or Senate). The Committee decides which bills we will actively support or oppose. Once we’ve taken a position, bills go to the appropriate Action Team to be extensively researched and tracked through the legislative session. We create and promote events, actions, and communications to move our supported bills forward and to rally opposition to bills with negative climate impacts.

Our Action Teams

We are organized into action teams…

Eliminating Fossil Fuels


Clean Energy



Endorsed Bills

2024 Legislative Session

Bill endorsements are updated weekly during the legislative season

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