Legislative Committee Action Teams

Eliminating Fossil Fuels Action Team

The End Fossil Fuels Action Team fights for a liveable planet and its people by advocating for state legislation and key initiatives that support the phaseout of fossil fuel extraction and use in California. We do this through: 1) Building relationships with our legislators, and other state and local decision makers; 2) Advocating, in coalition with environmental justice groups and partners, for legislation that supports our goals; and 3) Educating and mobilizing the public to take action on priority legislation and key initiatives.

Transportation and Land Use Action Team

The Transportation/Land Use Action Team evaluates and prioritizes state legislation related to transportation – public, private and business-related. The team emphasis is on bills that promote the adoption of zero emission vehicles, as well as reducing car use through efficient, regionally integrated, and affordable public transit, cycling, walking, and other non-car modes. This includes supporting regional land use policies that can reduce car use by promoting affordable housing in dense urban areas near transit. Team members track legislation and recommend bill positions to the Legislative Committee consistent with 350 BA and BAA priorities, as well as meeting with Legislators and staff to support or oppose bills.

Clean Energy Action Team

The Clean Energy Action Team focuses on state legislation, regulatory policies, and actions that support energy justice, 100% Clean Energy, community choice energy providers and services, distributed energy resources, energy efficiency and conservation, electricity storage, microgrids, and decarbonization in public and private buildings. Team members track legislation and recommend positions the Legislative Committee should take on bills consistent with 350 BAA priorities, and meet with Legislators and staff to support or oppose bills.

Federal Action Team

The Federal Legislation Action Team lobbies Congressional members to take bold climate actions that will change the trajectory of the climate crisis and ensure a thriving environment for us and our children. Our priorities are: 1) eliminating fossil fuels, 2) clean energy, transportation and buildings, 3) focus on equity so that all voices are included in the solutions, and 4) advocacy against false climate solutions. We partner with allies and grass roots organizations to advocate proven climate solutions and advance social and environmental justice.

Communications Action Team

The Communications Action Team helps convey our work to the general public and turn complex legislative and electoral issues into actionable items. We write the newsletters and manage the social media. Join us to help encourage everyday folks to be part of the climate movement!