About Us

We are 350 Bay Area Action.

We are you — San Francisco Bay Area residents building a grassroots climate movement in the Bay Area and beyond to eliminate carbon pollution and achieve a clean energy future with racial, economic, and environmental justice.

Our vision is that all who live in the Bay Area share clean air, water and soil in a safe, healthy, and thriving post-carbon future, benefiting all life.

Rooted in our Platform

End toxic air pollution, prioritizing the heavily impacted front-line communities

Ensure resilient, safe, affordable clean energy -- and clean energy jobs

Create a fast transition to healthy, clean-energy buildings

Speed the shift to carbon-free, affordable, safe and accessible mobility for everyone

Accelerate the fossil fuel end game and achieve a just transition

Framework for Action

We are here for justice. The climate crisis magnifies systemic injustices: racial, economic and environmental. We mobilize people as climate activists, building the civic engagement & advocacy that are essential to solve the climate crisis We organize, demonstrate, lobby and educate, pushing policymakers to meet the urgency of the climate emergency.

Our organization is built around 2 committees:

Legislative Committee

We work on state climate, clean energy, and climate justice legislation through public education and advocacy at the district level and in Sacramento. We study, track, and recommend positions, organize direct outreach to legislators, testify at committee hearings, and work with other environmental, social justice, and progressive groups to promote strong legislation to address the climate crisis.

Electoral Committee

We endorse and work for candidates who are true climate champions at all levels – local governments in the Bay Area, California state government, and the federal government. Between elections, we hold our elected officials accountable, monitoring their actions (or lack of action) on climate. We shine the spotlight on those who are leading and those who aspire to lead.

The impact of our work is multiplied by the fact that the Bay Area and California are seen as leaders on climate, enacting laws and setting standards that others use as models for their own laws, regulations, and actions.

Annual Report 2020-21

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