Down to the Wire! Let’s Keep Senator Warnock in the Senate

Get out the vote for Senator Raphael Warnock!

Residential scene with yard sign: “Get out the vote for Senator Raphael Warnock!”

Our previous efforts to register voters, send postcards, or motivate people to become Democrats have largely succeeded compared to previous expectations. Now there is one Big Thing we can do to get ready for the December 6 Georgia runoff.

Get out the vote for Senator Raphael Warnock!

You can help.

Here’s how.

  • 48 Hours of Action: We are striving to make more than 60,000 calls to Georgia voters to help re-elect Senator Warnock. We want to make as many as possible by this Friday, while early voting is in session. Join our “48 hours of action” to call Georgia voters, beginning Wednesday, November 30th at noon. To join a phone bank, sign up here. Already trained and want to call on your own schedule, sign up here. (You can call from 6 am-5:30 pm daily.)
  • Join Activate America and partner group phone banks—GGVB is hosting one on Monday from 3-5 pm. Sign up here.
  • Need training to call on your own time? Two options: Join a phone bank just for the training portion, or join one of our small group training sessions. Sign up here.

Thank you

Marti, Lisa, Becki, Floyd and the Go GreenVote Blue team.

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