Go Green Vote Blue

Helping Democrats hold their lead in Congress

Join with others who share your passion about the stakes in this election. Democracy is on the line, and climate protection is hanging by a thread.

Winning back the House in 2020 was essential. 2022 without a doubt, has even heavier stakes.

This is not a typical mid-term. This is a choice between the Democratic Party leadership, warts and all, and a Republican Party that is off the rails: embracing the violence of January 6th, denying the need for climate action, and untroubled by, if not supportive of, inequality and the structural racism that supports much of it.

Winning in California is crucial

Our focus for the midterms is California. Democrats only hold a nine-seat majority at present in the House of Representatives. There are nine competitive California races, and we need to win as many as possible to help Democrats hold the House.

We will focus on three voter targets:

Midterm skippers: Democratic voters, and those who lean Democratic, whose voting record shows they usually skip the midterms

Likely voters: Urging Independents and those with mixed voting records to vote blue.

Younger and newer voters: Those wwho may not yet have the voting habit.

Our Priorities

In the 2020 election, more than 200 of us participated in phone banks. We focused on six US Senate races. We helped voters get registered, made sure they knew when and how to vote, and in our final push, encouraged folks to get their ballots in.

We partner with Activate America (formerly Flip the West). They bring experience, expertise, and a commitment to provide a quality experience for volunteers. Activate America is coordinating with other Political Action Committees in California to maximize reach and avoid duplication of voters.

The biggest variable on the road to success is voter contact. When you join our community for the midterms, you become part of the Democratic wave-making we need in 2022.

Join us

Our Go Green Vote Blue work is geared to join you with others active in climate and environmental justice work as we engage in these critical initiatives for effective voter turnout:

Canvassing in communities

Going door to door is the most effective form of persuasion. We will provide training and assign buddies for weekend canvassing.

Coming Soon

Phone banking (virtual canvassing)

Whether leaving a message or talking to a voter, our voice and the human connection motivates voters. Sign up for our phone banks on Wednesdays or Sundays - time is ticking!


Sending postcards has become a proven, even essential activity to phone banking. Postcards carry key information and reminders and are easy for recipients to post on their refrigerators. There are two drives via Activate America at the moment: Pro-choice postcards and Economic Concerns postcards. All campaigns are worthwhile - some are targeted at California voters, others are designed to connect with voters in other states. Every one of these races is critical. Email lynne@350bayareaaction.org to get started!

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