Keep Up the Momentum: Why Georgia Matters

You really stepped up for the midterms. Let’s head to the finish line with a strong showing for Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock.

United States Capital Building in Washington DC

Senator Warnock is a powerful candidate who towers above his challenger, Herschel Walker, a dishonest MAGA extremist who should never grace the halls of the U.S. Senate. Warnock won the midterm election—and there should never have been a runoff. 

Georgia’s Racist Electoral Legacy

Georgia and Louisiana are the only two states that require a runoff in general elections when neither candidate achieves 50 percent of the vote. Georgia’s runoff law was passed in the 1960s to maintain white political power. In 2021, Georgia passed additional voter suppression laws that shortened the runoff window. Also, voters will not be allowed to vote early on Saturday, November 26th, because it falls two days after Thanksgiving and a day after a holiday, the November 25th state holiday that once celebrated Robert E. Lee’s birthday. To cover its racist legacy and appear neutral, the holiday was renamed a “state holiday” in 2015.

Reasons Why a Senate Majority Matters

With a true majority of 51 senate seats, Democrats possess the votes to accomplish a great deal.

  • Democrats can confirm judicial nominations with a simple majority vote. Currently, nearly 10 percent of all federal judgeships are vacant, with 89 judicial vacancies. 
  • Democrats cannot be held hostage by one Democratic senator like Joe Manchin, whose votes have blocked significant legislation. Also, the Senate can conduct business even when two members of the Democratic caucus are absent.
  • Democrats will have the ability to move bills out of committee and issue subpoenas without Republican cooperation. Currently, with a 50-50 split, Democrats are forced to enter into a “power-sharing” agreement with Mitch McConnell. 
  • Vice President Kamala Harris won’t be needed to break tie votes in the Senate. She can use her many talents elsewhere.

How You Can Help Re-elect Senator Warnock

Given Georgia’s new voter suppression laws, getting Georgia Democrats to the polls for the run-off is extremely important. You can help.

  • Join Activate America and partner group phone banks—GGVB is hosting one on Monday from 3-5 pm. Sign up here.
  • Already trained and want to call on your own time? Sign up here. You can call during calling hours, from 6 am to 5:30 pm Pacific time daily (but not on Thanksgiving). 
  • Want to call on your own time but need training? You have two options: Join us at one of the phone bank sessions just for the training portion, or join us at one of our small group training sessions. Sign up here.
  • Send Postcards. Contact
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Go Green Vote Blue is Grateful for Everything You Have Done. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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