Postcarding 2024

Colorful postcards to voters: "Be a Voter"

Postcarding Makes a Difference in Voter Turnout

Volunteers handwrite and hand-address postcards to known voters in key races. Postcards serve as a simple, personalized reminder to take that all-important step and vote.

Most postcarding efforts are directed toward people who are likely to vote for a specific candidate or issue, and who have voted some, but not all of the time, in past elections. When used in this way, postcards are a positive and cost-effective way to get out the vote (GOTV).

How to Postcard

Our 2024 Postcard Outreach project, in collaboration with Activate America, is beginning now, and will continue through primary elections and the general election on Tuesday, November 5th. We will work with our partners and decide together where to focus our efforts.

Who? You. Or, you, your family members, and your friends! Many people make postcarding a couples project, family project, or something positive to do at a get-together. Ask us for more information if you want to make a group effort around postcarding.

What? As a volunteer, you’ll be given a script for handwriting your postcards and a list of people to send them to. For each postcard, please add a brief, positive, personalized, legible message that invites the recipient to take action. Then sign the card as a volunteer (first name only). This personal touch has been shown to increase the effectiveness of postcard outreach.

How? Request a list of 20 or more names and addresses from Lynne Baker, Postcard Outreach campaign lead, at You will receive clear, concise directions to prepare your postcards. Then simply fill out and send the cards on their way.

Need supplies? Here the list:

When? Postcarding continues until shortly before the November 5 general election.

Why? Postcarding makes a significant difference! Activate America provides 350 Bay Area Action with current and thoroughly vetted voter lists, and then your efforts as a volunteer make the difference.

Photo by Dan Dennis at Unsplash