California State Senate District 7: Jovanka Beckles

Headshot of Jovanka Beckles, CA Senate D7 Candidate; smiling woman in dark shirt, open at the collar to show a delicate silver and pearl pendant, dark hair in topknot with tendrils hanging down one side

350 Bay Area Action endorses Jovanka Beckles for California State Senate District 7. Jovanka served on the Richmond City Council, where she fought for accountability for the Chevron Refinery. Chevron spent $3 million to try to defeat Jovanka and her slate, but they couldn’t do it. Currently Jovanka is on the AC Transit Board, where she is working to increase access to transportation. And she has been a long-time union member, working as a mental health specialist for Contra Costa County for the last 23 years.

Jovanka is running a people-powered campaign, free of corporate money. We encourage people to support her campaign and volunteer.

Her words (edited for space):

As a Black, Latinx, Queer, immigrant woman living at the intersection of many marginalized communities, my voice in the environmental movement is desperately needed . . .

I am not beholden to any special interest group and will continue to make sure any piece of legislation I support has non-negative environmental consequences. As I have fought against Big Oil and Chevron in Richmond, I will continue to stand up against polluters and their lobbyists in Sacramento.

We need Jovanka’s voice in the California State Senate. 


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