As Blue as California is, We’re a Swing State in November’s Midterms

Our work for climate action, equity, and democracy occurs on many fronts, so let’s take a moment to cheer for the hard work of 350 Bay Area Action and other groups that led to California’s passage of SB 1137, which sets up buffer zones to prevent new oil wells from being placed close to homes, “a long-standing and glaring example of environmental racism.”

The setbacks bill is huge, and one of the many climate bills passed during the session. Stay turned for a session wrap up! Meanwhile, the election season is heating up.

Our Zoom phone banks keep the pressure on for a Blue Congress. You and I do our part to ensure that redistricting does not benefit Republicans, as we also work to flip seats and get new, remarkable Democrats into office, and ensure that Republicans don’t swing the Midterms red because of redistricting. If you want more face time with these candidates, check out Indivisible Sonoma County’s weekly Zoom events with candidates. 

These Democrats are challenging Republican incumbents:

  • Dr. Asif Mahmood (Dem CA-40) hopes to retake this Orange County-based seat that Democrats won in 2018 but lost in 2020. Republican incumbent Young Kim earned a measly 23% out of 100 points score from the League of Conservation Voters.
  • Jay Chen (CA-45) promotes affordable prescription drugs and comprehensive health care. He’s facing Michelle Steel, whose daughter embraced marriage equality, so Steel pulled her from that college. She also voted against the successful, wildly popular bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Name recognition is crucial in these critical races in redrawn districts. 

  • Adam Gray (Dem CA-13) is running in a newly drawn open seat. He’s facing John Duarte, who promotes raising the age of Social Security eligibility, ending birthright citizenship, and banning abortions nationwide. Also, Duarte was sued for knowingly selling diseased crops to farmers and plowing protected wetlands.
  • Katie Porter (Dem-CA 47) has made a name for herself nationally as a climate champion and on many other issues. We must ensure her constituents in her redrawn district know her. 
  • Josh Harder (Dem CA-13) also needs to become known in his redrawn district. He’s facing Tom Patti, who, as San Joaquin County supervisor, faced so many ethics allegations that he even proposed eliminating the code of ethics altogether.

Your help builds our team

We need you to volunteer to help Democratic candidates challenge Republican incumbents and introduce the others in their newly redrawn districts! Your help builds our team.

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