Be part of history: Sign Up This Critical Month to Save Our Democracy

Have you been looking for the right time to dive into the midterms? Now is the time. California Ballots start to go out on October 10.  Every vote is extremely important, as is our effort to ensure we keep our majorities in the House and Senate. The good news is that every one of us can help tip the balance. Don’t miss your role in history! When our grandchildren ask, “Where were you when democracy hung in the balance?” What will you say?

We are making a difference

Sign up | Make a difference

We are making a difference, and California Congressional candidates are strong contenders in their races. These races are close. Phone banking and post-carding make a difference!

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Hold the House | Meet the Candidates

Indivisible Sonoma County—“Hold the House” Meet the Candidates

Photo by Joshua Woroniecki on Unsplash