California Ballots Drop Soon: The Countdown to the Midterms has Begun

We’re moving into the critical final phase of calling Democratic voters who often skip midterm voting.  We need every single volunteer to participate in getting out the vote!

Four reasons why phone banking is effective 

  1. High impact. Even a small number of volunteers can make a large number of calls. Ten volunteers can make more than 500 calls in two hours.* 
  2. No one left behind. Phone calls get us in touch with rural voters, communities of color, and others who may otherwise not be contacted. 
  3. User-friendly scripts. You can use a phone bank script to help you launch into a meaningful conversation with the person on the other end of the line.
  4. More contacts = a stronger turnout. Contacting people more than once and through multiple efforts during the election cycle has been found to be the most effective. 

*In an Activate America study, even getting a voicemail message was found to increase the likelihood of getting a person to vote.

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From Marti, Lisa, Becki, Floyd and the Go Green, Vote Blue team.

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