Commit to at Least One Climate Action for the Midterms

The best thing we can do for the climate is to protect our democracy and enable further climate action by helping Democrats win the midterm elections. We must maintain and increase their current slim majorities in both houses of Congress.

If you have not yet had a chance to pitch in, this last month is critical. One action from you can make a huge difference. It’s the final stretch: you and everyone who deeply cares about the environment and wants to protect our democracy need to take at least one action now.

If you are already part of this work, thank you! Please share this page with someone who could use a little nudge to step up.

Pick something to do—anything and everything you do matters.

Make Phone Calls

Send Postcards

We’re sending Get-Out-The-Vote postcards with motivating messages that recipients can post on their refrigerators. Contact:

Canvass and Register Voters

California and Nevada Canvassing and Voter Registration Opportunities

Thanks for doing all you can!

Marti, Lisa, Becki, Floyd and the Go GreenVote Blue team.

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Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash