Fight Oppression, Big Oil, & Win In November!

Standing up for Black lives. The past 2 weeks have been a painful reminder of the unacceptable racial injustice in our society. As a grassroots climate organization we must do more to stand up for those most harmed by systemic racism in our local community and nation. Climate change also impacts communities of color first and hardest, which is why we must amplify our efforts to make climate justice a large part of our ongoing work.

Fight for climate justice NOW by signing this petition June 10th is the last day to submit comments to protect public health by demanding a 2500 ft setback from oil and gas operations

Oil and gas operations impact the health and safety of low-income communities of color, especially in Kern and Los Angeles counties. We must stand with these communities for long overdue health protections and environmental justice.


Go Green | Vote Blue Action Campaign

Are you ready to work to keep the Democratic majority in the House, flip the Senate, and make sure we have a blue, climate-friendly White House? The election this November may be the most important one we ever see. 

Our democracy is under attack from within – from the Trump White House, the Mitch McConnell-led Senate, and Republican governors and state legislatures all across this country. The coronavirus crisis and the just uprising against police violence and systemic racism underscore the need for more effective, responsible – which, at this political moment, simply means Democratic – leadership at all possible levels of government. 

350 Bay Area Action is expanding to contribute to a blue wave at the national level. Our new campaign, Go Green | Vote Blue, is launching soon. It offers new opportunities for you to get involved and help to ensure that we elect climate leaders – at the national, state, and local levels – who recognize the short window we have to take action.

If you want to join our Go Green | Vote Blue campaign team, we would love to have you. Contact for more information on how you can plug in and help us do our part for success in November.

Success in November! Have you ever heard sweeter words? 

Onwards together!

– From the 350 Bay Area Action Team