Great news about state climate legislation! Now the fight continues.

Due to the hard work by our dedicated volunteers – AND ALL OF YOU! – and thanks to your hundreds of emails, letters, and phone calls to our legislators and legislative visits with legislators and their staff, all of our endorsed bills supporting climate action made it through the Assembly and Senate committee process (with one unfortunate exception). And ALL of our bills that made it past that hurdle passed out of their originating houses on floor votes.


We’re not done – our bills now face committees in the second house (Assembly bills to the Senate and vice versa), then floor votes on the way to the Governor’s desk (we hope!). But with all of us working together, our bills will become law. We will be calling on our 350 Bay Area Action members and supporters to communicate with our Bay Area legislators to vote YES on climate action!

Here are some highlights:

  • SB 1173, which would require California’s public employee retirement plans to divest from fossil fuels, passed by a single vote after a contentious floor debate. Thanks to those of you who answered our request for targeted constituent phone calls to your swing-vote legislators – every vote mattered. SB 1173 now moves to the Assembly.
  • AB 2438, which would require state transportation projects to align with our climate goals, was another extremely close floor vote – your phone calls swung several Bay Area legislators in favor. AB 2438 is now in the Senate Rules Committee.
  • SB 1314, which would prevent carbon capture projects from resulting in increased fossil fuel production, passed the Senate after a concerted advocacy campaign.
  • SB 1482, which would require new multifamily housing construction to include EV-ready parking, passed the Senate with the support of the Bay Area delegation.

And one sad low-light: SB 953, which would have phased out offshore drilling in state waters, was held in the Senate Appropriations Committee due to behind-the-scenes pressure from the fossil fuel industry. We will continue to fight for an end to offshore drilling (and ALL fossil fuel production) in future sessions.

For a complete list of our endorsed bills, please reference the up-to-date list on our website.

CA is drowning in plastic. Join us on 6/12/22 to hear updates and solutions

50% of the plastic we produce is discarded after a single use.

The California Plastic Pollution and Recycling Act on the ballot in Nov. 2022 would responsibly reduce harmful single-use plastic packaging and foodware.

Join Isabella Gonzalez Potter from The Nature Conservancy, who will be presenting background, possible solutions, and up-to-the-minute updates on the initiative. She will also share information about legislation currently in play in California to address the plastics crisis. All are welcome!

350 Bay Area Action Legislative Committee Monthly Meeting

June 12, 2022 3:00 – 4:00 pm

Contact us for the Zoom link.

Latest Meetings With Legislators

In April, our volunteers met with state legislators across the Bay Area. In the North Bay, a coalition of climate activists met with Assemblymember Jim Wood, thanking him for his past votes on climate action and urging his continued support.

A few weeks later, Asm. Wood was an “aye” vote on EVERY ONE of our priority bills in the Assembly! Advocacy from 350 Bay Area Action is continuing to advance solutions to the climate crisis.

If you’re interested in joining us on upcoming legislative meetings during the July recess, please contact us via the form below.