Help Pass Important Climate Justice Policy – Send This Quick Email Now!

California’s most important climate justice bill of the year might die in the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee next Wednesday. It was heard this week but failed to gain the 5 votes it needs to pass to the Senate floor. If we can convince just one more committee member to change their NO vote to YES on AB 345 we’ll be a critical step closer to passing a health and safety buffer zone to protect our communities from fossil fuel drilling.

Email each of the three Senators who voted No to urge them to vote YES:

Sample email—please edit this to make your message personal:

Dear Sen. [Hueso, Hertzberg, Caballero],

As a Californian [and mother/father/grandparent, nurse, person with a health condition etc.], I’m urging you to reconsider your vote on AB 345 when it is re-heard next Wednesday in NR&W Committee. This bill says the legislature wants to state regulatory agencies to create a buffer zone around oil and gas operations which will help protect our residents. This is something all other oil producing states currently provide. 

I know the health and safety of people living in or near your district is extremely important to you. People are currently suffering from living near oil operations. I urge you to make health and safety a top priority, and protect Black and Brown communities from environmental racism and air pollution.

Voting YES on AB 345 is the right thing to do for Californians.

Thank you.[Your name, county you live in]

Super thanks for helping pass this critical climate justice bill!

– Kathy, Clair, Lyla, and the 350 Bay Area Action Legislative Team

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