Janani Ramachandran

350 Bay Area Action is excited and proud to endorse Janani Ramachandran for Assembly District 18! She will replace climate champion Rob Bonta, who was recently named Attorney General for the state of California by Governor Newsom. Through grassroots campaigning, Ramachandran was voted through the primary into the top 2 election on August 31st. 350 feels Ramachandran really stands out for her depth of knowledge, political savvy, and bold commitment to climate and climate justice.

If you don’t live in D18 you can’t vote, but there are still many ways to jump in. 

Janani is a social justice attorney and activist, former Oakland Ethics Commissioner and a California Commissioner on Asian and Pacific Islander American Affairs. She supports a Green New Deal for California and an end to the toxic air pollution sickening low-income communities in the Bay Area and throughout California. She understands that climate and climate justice interact with almost every key issue coming before the state legislature, including covid recovery, racial equity, and housing. If elected, we expect her to hit the ground running in Sacramento.

Ramachandaran is running a corporate money-free, fossil fuel-free, grassroots campaign.

Watch the interview.