Kate Harrison for Berkeley City Council District 4

Kate Harrison for Berkeley City Council District 4

Kate wrote and passed the first ban on natural gas in new buildings; the Berkeley ordinance has now been replicated by 50 California cities and also by cities in other states. She worked with her colleagues to move all of the City’s electrical accounts to 100% clean, renewable energy, and passed legislation to require all city vehicles to be electric by 2035, with lighter passenger vehicles changed over by 2030. She is still working to help create what she’s dubbed “the city of future.” Kate is running unopposed, but everyone needs to know of her work – and, Berkeley District 4, please check her box to show our support.

Website: https://electkateharrison.com/ 

Volunteer some time: https://electkateharrison.com/volunteer/ 

Donate here: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/harrison-reelect-2022

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