Save rooftop solar for all californians!

A new bill in the CA assembly, AB 1139, would stall progress towards California’s renewable energy goals and increase energy costs for Californians. Rooftop solar is necessary for achieving California’s goal of 100% renewable electricity by 2045. It also saves every ratepayer money by decreasing the need for new long distance power lines and reducing the risk of wildfires and power outages. 

Demand that your state Assemblymember VOTE NO on AB 1139 to defend the rooftop solar that we need to meet our state’s clean energy goals and address wildfires and power outages.

AB 1139 requires the CA Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to establish new monthly fees and dramatically reduce the credits that rooftop solar users receive for sending their excess solar back to the grid. This will cause higher energy costs for existing solar users and create barriers for households and communities who want to adopt solar in the future. Despite what supporters of the bill may claim, rooftop solar affects households of all income levels. In fact, low- and middle-income households have been adopting solar at a growing pace and were 42% of the U.S. solar market in 2019 (1).

Ask your state Assemblymember to VOTE NO on AB 1139 to protect the households and communities benefiting from rooftop solar

The current system allows utilities to build unnecessary and expensive power transmission lines, then charge ratepayers to cover the costs. Rather than fix this system, AB 1139 will allow utilities to pass the costs of these expensive transmission lines and the wildfires and power outages they cause on to consumers. 

AB 1139 will unfairly increase costs for ratepayers. Don’t let your Assemblymember be pressured by utilities to vote for this bill–They need to hear from you. Vote NO on AB 1139. 

Tell your Assemblymember to VOTE NO on AB 1139 to protect rooftop solar and demand a more equitable utility rate system.  

In Solidarity and Action,

350 Bay Area Action Legislative Team