We Are Upping Our PhoneBanking Game: Help Make It Happen

National Voter Registration Day—Week of Action

In honor of National Voter Registration Day, September 20, 2022, Go Green Vote Blue (GGVB) joins Activate America, Commit to Democracy, and other partner organizations in boosting our impact through a week of action! The dates: Monday, September 19th through Sunday, September 25th.

Join our GGVB phone bank: GGVB weekly phone banks: Wednesday 6-8 pm and Sundays 3-5 pm

Or join one of our partner phone banks:

If you are an experienced caller and can’t join a phone bank, Activate America has a Toolkit you can use to make calls on your own. 

Goal: 15,000 calls to voters

Our goal is to make 15,000 calls to voters, tripling our previous week’s total. With your help, we can do it!

A GGVB phone banker recently described her best day of phone banking yet. She was able to have some good conversations about substantive issues with prospective voters. She explains, “In one call, the person on the line expressed support for an issue that the candidate was not for. I listened to her and then asked about other issues that she cared about. We soon found lots of common ground and discovered that her agreement on his positions on health, gun control, and climate won the candidate her support.” Our caller concluded, “When this happens, I know why we are on the phone.” 

This week GGVB is calling for climate-forward House candidate Will Rollins (CA-41). 

Get motivated to make calls! Watch the Sonoma County Indivisible recording of Rollins, who asks, “How do we prevent our fellow Americans from being so radicalized that they think they need to invade the US Capitol … because they have completely fallen for a lie that the last election was stolen. I got into this race because I do not hear enough candidates talking about specific laws designed to break down the polarized conspiracy theory echo chambers that are ripping the country apart and are a huge threat to our constitutional republic.”

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