Your Call Will Push These Candidates Forward

In these last three weeks before the midterms, Go Green Vote Blue is working to get out the vote in several tight races. Join us! Your calls will help Democratic climate champions win.

Help Get Out the Vote in Two Key Races for the US Senate and House

Nevada is now one of the most critical Senate races in the country that will help to determine if Democrats retain a majority in the Senate.

Senator Cortez-Masto is a strong climate champion, and the first Latina elected to the Senate in Nevada. She’s led the fight for a solar tax credit and promoted electric vehicle development. She is the cosponsor of the Clean Energy for America Act, which would measurably reduce carbon pollution over the next decade through a series of incentives. Her race is tight. Getting the Democrats who are mid-term skippers to the polls will ensure her victory.

Democrat Will Rollins (CA 41) is a promising new, openly gay House candidate who will work to reduce air and water pollution, expand clean energy incentives, and invest in water conservation and better infrastructure.  Rollins has been fighting an uphill battle facing long-term incumbent Republican Ken Calvert, a climate denier with a long voting record of hostility to immigrants and the LGBTQ+ community. He voted no on the “Right to Contraception Act” and opposes abortion even in the case of rape. In this newly drawn district, Democrats narrowly outnumber Republicans in party registration, so our calls to midterm skippers have the potential to make a tremendous difference.

When you join a phone bank you get to learn more insider details on these races and to choose which candidates you’ll call for. 

Four Ways You Can Help Get Out the Vote

Join Phone Banks

Send Postcards

We’re sending get-out-the-vote (GOTV) postcards with motivating messages that recipients can post on their refrigerators. Contact:

Send Texts

Send messages to voters in key states: Tuesdays 4–5pm PDT. Register here.

Canvass and Register Voters: 

  • Canvass for Senator Catherine Cortez Masto in Reno and Carson City, Saturdays and Sundays, through Nov. 6.  Register here.
  • Check out and register here for more California and Nevada canvassing and voter registration opportunities

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