Alameda County Board of Supervisors–District 5: John Bauters

350 Bay Area Action is excited to endorse attorney and advocate John Bauters for Alameda County Board of Supervisors (District 5).

Among John’s many roles, in which he has served as a leader for climate action:

  • Member of the Emeryville City Council since 2016
  • Member and Chair of the Bay Area Air Quality Management Board
  • Member and Chair of the Alameda County Transportation Commission

John has driven change to protect residents from harmful NOx and particulate matter, to create the Countywide Bikeways Network, to reduce greenhouse gases in the city, and has continued to put environmental justice and thriving local communities at the center of his work.

John does the nuts and bolts work of transition, from working on integrating climate into government funding, to developing safe, people-centered cities, to working with diverse stakeholders to get support for climate and environmental justice policies. John is a strong climate champion.


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