Napa Board of Supervisors District 4: Amber Manfree

Amber Manfree is a scientist and longtime Napa resident whose career in natural resources management brings a wealth of expertise to her current campaign for the Board.

Manfree is dedicated to addressing environmental concerns, with a particular focus on crucial water issues in Napa County. Drawing on her extensive knowledge and expertise, she emphasizes a commitment to safeguarding water supplies, mitigating fire risks, and preserving the unique aspects that define Napa. Manfree’s candidacy reflects a fusion of scientific acumen and local insight, positioning her as a candidate attuned to the community’s needs and environmental challenges.

Amber is also strong on the climate-focused goals we hold dear. Highlights from her website:

  • Adopt a Climate Action Plan with a strong social justice component
  • Maximize zero-emission vehicles in the County vehicle fleet
  • Build the microgrid of the future
  • Facilitate biking, walking, and public transit
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of landfills through recycling, reuse, recovery, and repair

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