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Help pass priority climate bills now!

The California Legislature comes to an end September 12. Help us pass AB 1080 and SB 54 to ensure CA bans single use plastic, SB 1 to protect CA Env Health & Worker Safety Laws from Trump Admin roll backs, and SB 210 to ensure smog checks for heavy trucks.

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350 Bay Area Action promotes aggressive, science-based action on climate change and ways to reduce carbon pollution in the Bay Area and beyond. We support those candidates who work to #KeepItInTheGround and promote fossil-FREE (clean) energy in a socially equitable way.

Lobbying For Climate

The 350 Bay Area Action (350BA-Act) funds lobbying activities and communications for climate action by engaging people concerned about the climate

Advocating Climate Policy

350 Bay Area Action funds policy analysts who understand the complex issues and advocate for strong climate action.

Movement Building

350BA-Act engages and funds coalition work in finding the common ground with many groups concerned about environmental and social justice issues for which climate change is a major factor.

The Latest

Green California Advocacy Day

Tuesday August 27, volunteers from 350 Bay Area Action joined powerful environmental allies in Sacramento for Green California Advocacy Day. This was a day where activists and leaders worked together to advocate for bills that will protect our natural resources and...
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SB 210 Will Reduce Smog from Diesel Trucks

California has a plethora of regulations on emissions of heavy-duty trucks, which move goods all over California. Yet there is no comprehensive smog check certification for heavy-duty trucks, which means that many trucks are on the road that are spewing illegal toxic...
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The War on Plastic: Our Toxic Best Friend (SB 54 / AB 1080)

Our pervasive plastic pollution problem is reflected in the sad story of a dead whale with a stomach full of plastic; we now have more plastic than fish in our oceans. Last October, the first study was published finding microplastics in human stool. Plastics are...
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Mobilizations - Victories - Press

SB 700 (Renewable Energy Storage) Signed Into Law

SB 700 (Renewable Energy Storage) Signed Into Law

After a long legislative session with great support by our Legislative Team, over 500 350 Bay Area Action supporters sent our letter supporting Senate Bill 700 to Governor Brown's office on September 27th... and later that afternoon Governor Brown signed the bill into...

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