350 Bay Area Action

promoting aggressive, science-based action on climate change

 350 Bay Area Action has two teams. The Legislative team promotes progressive impactful action to reach ambitious climate change goals that reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a socially equitable way. The Electoral team evaluates state and local candidates for their positions on critical climate policies and issues.

Legislative Committee

Making an Impact

Our Legislative team works on California climate justice legislation and implementation of key policies. We focus on key bills to make a big impact with our climate justice allies.

We support policies that eliminate fossil fuel production and consumption and protects vulnerable communities as the state transitions to clean energy with regenerative agriculture and land use.

Although the California budget deficit has been the main Legislative focus in 2020, we are fighting to fund key climate programs. Join us to make an impact on the climate justice emergency!

2020 Elections Committee

Go Green. Vote Blue.

The Electoral Team has a robust phone banking campaign for the Senate and Presidential races targeting voters in key swing states. Help ensure we sweep the Senate, enabling federal action on climate and the environment that we desperately need.

Join Our Phone Bank Now!

Local Climate ChampionS
Win in 2020!

We endorsed climate champions in target city and county elections across the Bay Area. We encourage you to view our 2020 winners.

Mobilizations - Victories - Press

Now is the time to ban single-use plastics

Now is the time to ban single-use plastics

Plastic bottles. Take-out containers. Food wrappers. These single-use plastics are ubiquitous throughout our daily lives. Sadly, these are materials meant to be used once and thrown away. Researchers estimate that about 9.1 billion tons of plastic have been produced...

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Donate now to make your non-tax-deductible contribution which will help us with our lobbying at the state legislature on important climate saving legislation as well as all the other work we do in trying to stabilize our increasingly turbulent climate. #ActOnClimate